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Important! Last part migration

It is important that you are aware of the contents of this message because action may be required. .We recently announced that a number of significant changes are going to take place in our infrastructure (read back the article here to be aware of the background of this migration and the changes). The first phase, the database migration, was successfully completed. 

Second and final part of the migration
On July 7, 2024, the second and final part of the migration is scheduled. Of course, in order to minimize possible inconvenience, we have scheduled the work over the weekend. In addition, we have already made many preparations in consultation with many CRM ERP and telephony platform developers. 

Action required
To make the migration as smooth as possible for our partners, we have already made many preparations with many CRM, ERP and telephony platform developers over the past period. The aim of this was to limit where possible work arising from the second and final part of the migration for partners. However, besides a short interruption during the planned weekend, there are still a number of situations that require actions from you as a partner.     

Impact customers
On a small part of the joint customers the migration still has an impact, which requires action. We have made an overview of your customers affected by this migration visible in the partner portal (click here to log in) under Reseller > Migration Records. 

Next to relevant customer name, there is a column available called “migration manuals” (on image, see 1). By clicking on the name of the CRM ERP or telephony platform in this column, you will be redirected to our knowledge base where a specific migration manual for that application is added. 

In the last column (on image, see 2), after the required adjustment, you can indicate that the migration has been complete. This allows you as a partner and us as a supplier to keep an overview of any outstanding actions. Every night the overview is updated so that any newly added customers are also displayed here.


Please note that if required actions are not performed, there is a high probability that integration tool Bubble will not work after the migration is completed (July 7, 2024).

Our IP addresses are also going to change. Are you using our IP addresses in a whitelist and missed the previous post about this? Then click here for our new IP addresses. 

We are committed to to make the migration as smooth as possible for you as a partner. If you have any questions in response to this message, please feel free to contact us (+31113405065 or 

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