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You'll probably recognize it, a phone call comes in but you first have to ask for the caller's customer name or customer number. If you're lucky, it's also a hard-to-spell name and you find out that your colleagues have created the customer in different spelling variations in the CRM. Meanwhile, the customer is still waiting for you to find the right customer information to be helped further. Or the scenario where a customer calls after a missed call from your company where you can't tell which colleague it was and your only option is to tell the customer "if it's important they will call you again." By integrating your telephony system with your CRM or ERP software, that's a thing of the past. When a telephone call comes in, you immediately get the correct customer data brought up, you can open the customer card and a recording of the call is automatically made that is visible to colleagues. The result: you can immediately be personal to the customer because you have all the data immediately visible, so the customer feels recognized and appreciated and can also be helped faster. In addition, you avoid contamination in your CRM or ERP system by duplicate creation of relationships.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I test your software for free?

Yes you can. You can test our software "Bubble" 30 days for free with up to 5 users. You can request these trial licenses from one of the Red Cactus partners.

Do you make a copy of the data?

No, we do not make a copy of your CRM- ERP data and do not store your CRM- ERP data on our servers. On an incoming- or outgoing- phone call, we make a real-time request to your CRM- ERP application based on the caller's phone number. The answer then returned is shown in real time in the pop-up notification.

How secure is your software?

Security is a very important issue for us when (continued) developing our software. It starts with the login process; no hassle with separate passwords, but simply login on the basis of single sign-on with your Google, Microsoft or Apple account. We also participate, when available, in certification programs of CRM- ERP vendors. As a result, most of the integrations we offer come with certification labels. Of course, we continuously take organizational measures, ensure that everything remains up-to-date and periodically have our software tested by external organizations.

Am I entitled to updates?

With integration tool Bubble, you are always entitled to the latest updates and functionalities. Every month we bring out a new release, featuring new features, larger range of integrations and improvements where needed.

How much money will I save with integration tool Bubble?

On average, organizations achieve a +500% financial return on investment. This is regardless of whether the organization is large or small. For the calculation we assume an average of 45 workable weeks of 8 hours per day. To calculate your situation we refer you to the marketplace, then click on the desired integration and then on 'Savings'

Is integration tool Bubble suitable for Windows/MacOS?

Yes, integration tool Bubble is suitable for both Windows and MacOS. We have developed a native software application for both operating systems.

Where can I go with my questions?
Red Cactus provides its services exclusively through leading telecom providers and resellers worldwide who thereby serve as the point of contact for inquiries. Red Cactus acts as 2nd-line support for Red Cactus partners.