Sales tools

We help you sell CRM integrations

Your success is also our success. That's why we offer several sales tools to help increase your success.


Whitelabel Marketplace

Make it visible to your customers that you sell CRM integrations with our module 'Whitelabel Marketplace'. You can customize this marketplace completely in your own house style and colors. Decide what you want to display, which integrations you want to put on top and whether you want to integrate the offer into your own website or keep it separate. We do the rest and make sure your marketplace is always up to date.


Savings tool

With the savings tool, you can show your customer the benefits of integrating CRM software with the telephony environment. This makes it no longer necessary to talk to your customer about what the license costs, but you can talk about what really matters; what it provides. Show that you provide added value in a financial and functional sense.



In order to become familiar with the software you will be delivering to your customers, we offer you customized training courses for technical and commercial people. In addition, we have a well-stocked knowledge base that you can always fall back on.



Organizing webinars is an efficient way to reach a large audience. We are happy to support this by explaining the topic as a speaker. Afterwards, you can use the recorded webinar for customers who have not attended the webinar, but would like a demo.


Service descriptions

There is nothing more irritating than not knowing exactly what you are selling. That's why we offer detailed service descriptions that state exactly which functionalities are and are not supported for the desired integration. You can also see exactly which data from the CRM can be used and which CRM-specific actions are available.


Test licenses

We make it easy for you to sell integrations by using trial licenses. You can easily introduce customers to the integration of your choice by letting each customer test it for free for 30 days with up to 5 users. After the trial period, you can convert the licenses to paid licenses with the push of a button.


Sales support

Are you working on a large sales project where specific knowledge is needed in the area of integrations? Bring us into your meeting so we can support you as a product specialist. Of course, we are also available to answer specific questions outside of these meetings.


Strategic sessions

Because of our position as a supplier to the world's leading telecom companies, we notice changes in the sector immediately. We like to share our vision of the market with our partners in strategic sessions so that they can capitalize on those developments and thereby remain leaders.

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