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Monthly update May

Monthly update May. Every month we add new integrations, features and changes to existing integrations. The key points in release 3.40 are: 

  • New (and updated) Phone Connectors
    • VoiceHost phone connector added.
    • TestConnector can now simulate multiple calls simultaneously 
  • New (and updated) CRM Connectors
    • Recranet CRM connector added.
    • Trengo added option to reopen ticket when using 'log phone calls'. 
    • Teamleader added option to enable/disable invoice option for call registration. 
    • Call History can be pushed to Datev.
  • General
    • User call history can now be viewed.
    • New user statuses added: 'In a meeting", "Do not Disturb", "Away". 
    • From the SearchBar you can now open the user's call history and last call pop-ups.
    • From the SearchBar you can now change the user's Bubble status.
    • Bridge connections can now retrieve the user's call history.
    • Bubble process communication can be done by starting BUbble with specific arguments.
    • Added agent parameters to Automations. 
    • Added last call information parameters Automations. 
    • AFAS base URL can now be configured for environment with non-standard url.
    • AFAS InSite URL now available as $afas_url as parameter. 
    • `$last_call_note`.

New integrations are also coming in the coming months. Check our roadmap (click here) for an up-to-date overview. Detailed release notes are available to Red Cactus partners in the partner portal (click here).

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