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Collaboration with Brio

One of the most requested integrations in Belgium in recent years is now available; Brio ( This allows the Brio platform to be connected with over 60 telephony platforms.


With the integration tool Bubble, you can seamlessly link your telephony system to your Brio environment, allowing you to effortlessly manage all your incoming and outgoing calls! Brio instantly identifies the caller's name and automatically opens the corresponding customer information. This leads to significant time savings with each call! Manual searching for phone numbers or customer data is a thing of the past!


To be able to deliver the telephony module in Brio, telecom providers usually also need to directly enter into an agreement with Portima, which entails certain obligations. Red Cactus has simplified this process for its partners by entering into an agreement with Portima themselves and handling the financial transactions through the monthly billing process in the Red Cactus partner portal.


Red Cactus services are delivered through telecom resellers and providers, allowing Brio customers to simply order the integration through their current telecom provider. Click here for more information.

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