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New: HubSpot calling provider

As HubSpot's official integration partner, Red Cactus is introducing a new feature to its existing telephony integration called Bubble. As of now, Bubble is also available as a "calling provider" within HubSpot.

Long story short, it means that as of now you can link +50 telephony platforms to the telephony functionality within HubSpot. This allows you, for example, to easily dial out using the official telephony icons within HubSpot with 1 click of a button without incurring additional telephony costs. Everything simply goes through your own telephony environment.

Until recently, this was only for a few specific telephony platforms, but no generic 'provider' was available. With Bubble, that is a thing of the past and you can connect virtually any telephony platform.

This extension to the existing telephony integration comes standard to all Bubble users at no extra cost! 

Hubspot dialout plugin


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