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What does an integration cost?

After a whole sales process in which you have tried to convey the added value of your service to your client, sooner or later you get the question "what does it cost?". In other words, the price is the only thing that still stands between an agreement or rejection from the customer. You can then go into an in-depth conversation about the rates, but it is more interesting to address the question behind the question, which is "is it a good investment?".

"A +900% return on investment and higher customer satisfaction." It seems an unlikely formula, increasing customer satisfaction combined with a return on investment that we would colloquially call "exorbitant". But how? It has everything to do with integrating your phone system with your CRM- ERP software.

You'll probably recognize it, a phone call comes in but you first have to ask for the caller's customer name or customer number. If you are lucky, it is also a name that is difficult to spell and you find out that your colleagues have created the customer in different spelling variants in the CRM. Meanwhile, the customer is still waiting for you to find the right customer information to help them further. Or the scenario where a customer calls after a missed call from your company where you can't tell which colleague it was and your only option is to tell the customer "if it's important they will call you again."

By using integration tool Bubble to integrate your telephony system with your CRM or ERP software, that's a thing of the past. When a call comes in, you immediately get the correct client data, you can open the client card and a record of the call is automatically made which is visible to colleagues. The result: you can immediately be personal to the customer because you have all the data immediately visible, so the customer feels recognized and appreciated and can also be helped faster. In addition, you avoid contamination in your CRM or ERP system by duplicate creation of relationships.

The benefits are clear, but what about the returns? To answer that question, Red Cactus has developed several sales tools to support its partners including the "savings tool." With this tool, you can very concretely visualize the savings on the invested capital. 
The calculation in this example is based on employees who receive an average of 8 calls per hour (45 workable weeks, 8 hours per day) and have an average cost of 20 euros per hour. If you then put the cost of the integration software against the savings it results in a return which exceeds 900%. Now you may think that the math is only feasible for large companies, but you are wrong! 

Choose an integration on our marketplace and do the savings calculation!


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