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This makes the test connector indispensable

A super handy feature in integration tool Bubble is the "test connector" (note, only readable if you are logged in). Especially if you're not using it yet, this article is going to help you adopt the various useful applications into your own workflow. 

It helps you give a demo

Want to quickly and easily demonstrate CRM integration to your customer without first having to connect a telephony platform and/or set up a phone call? Then use the 'test connector' to simulate a phone call. 

It helps you configure it

Once you've set up the content of the Bubble notification, i.e. the information you want to display and added the buttons, it can be helpful to see the end result in the pop-up notification itself. To trigger a pop-up notification, there is no need to go hard with setting up a real test call, you can simply simulate a call with the "test connector." 

It helps you diagnose

Are you not getting a pop-up notification when you receive an incoming or outgoing call? Then quickly and easily check whether the problem is in the connection to the CRM application or in the connection to the telephony platform by simulating a call with the "test connector". If the connector works based on the simulated call, but not on an actual call, then you can deduce that you have to look for it in the telephony connection. 

It helps you reproduce an action

Sometimes you need to test several times, for example if you want to create something based on our standard custom modules. Then it is time-consuming if you have to start a telephone call over and over again. With the "test connector" you can quickly and easily simulate a telephone call several times in a row. 

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