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Support for ISTRA ™

Great news for the 120+ ISTRA ™ service providers worldwide! As of now, the ISTRA ™ telephony platform is also supported by Red Cactus within the integration tool Bubble, making it the 66nd telephony connector to be embraced.

+200 CRM integrations for ISTRA ™

Red Cactus is adding its entire portfolio of integrations to the ISTRA ™ telephony platform, allowing partners to assist their clients optimally with a range of over 200 CRM integrations.

Fully integrated

This integration ensures that you immediately see all relevant customer data during a telephone call. You can connect one or more CRM applications simultaneously. From the overview that appears, which can also be fully customized by the user, you can directly click through to a customer card, order summary or other CRM-specific action. After ending the call, a call log, possibly with a call note, is filed away under the customer card in the CRM.

Partner channel

By adding ISTRA ™ to the Red Cactus compatibility list, Red Cactus partners have a unique proposition where they can create significant value for their clients. Click here for more information.

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