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Rates on marketplace

To support partners in selling CRM integrations, we introduced the whitelabel marketplace last year; an indispensable tool for active partners. With this, partners can easily add the offering of CRM integrations to their own website, in their own branding, and based on specific preferences.

Successful Partner Rates

Many Red Cactus partners have already been using a marketplace and have been successful with it. So successful that we have often received feedback that the sales advisory prices displayed on the Red Cactus marketplace are hindering them. To give Red Cactus partners more freedom in their pricing policies, we have decided to stop displaying the sales advisory prices on the Red Cactus marketplace as of May 13.

Partner List

In addition to removing the sales advisory prices, from that date onwards, we will more clearly refer to the partner list on the Red Cactus marketplace. This will allow prospects to easily click through to the marketplace or website of our Red Cactus partners. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of featuring partner marketplaces even more prominently in the partner list in the near future, making it even easier for prospects to place a request.

Savings calculation tool

The savings tool on the marketplace used the recommended retail prices for the calculation. To continue showing your customers what the integration tool Bubble delivers in the future rather than what it costs, the savings tool remains available because we have added an extra input field where you can manually add the selling price

Whitelabel Marketplace

If you are a Red Cactus partner who has not yet added a whitelabel marketplace to your website but still want to show your customers or prospects that you sell integrations, take a look here.

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