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Third party API without Red Cactus

Adding +200 CRM integrations via one link

With Bubble third party API, Red Cactus provides a tool for developers to add +200 CRM integrations to their own developed telephony platform via a single link. Ideal for telecom providers who want to seamlessly integrate with CRM and ERP applications from their softphone, contact center application or other tool, but don't want the burden of maintaining and building individual CRM links. Through the API it is possible to communicate directly with integration tool Bubble, allowing you to use all the features and links Bubble has to offer. Think of real-time retrieval of customer data based on a phone number in a CRM application, recording calls in a CRM application or any of the +100 other functionalities. Bubble third party API is available exclusively to Red Cactus-selected telephony platform developers looking to handle larger volumes of CRM users.


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